I keep killing my plants. Should I give up?

Beating a dead plant


Dear Funny Problems

I kill every flower, herb, and plant I attempt to grow. I just can’t seem to get it right and failure is my destiny (or the plants destiny), every time I bring a plant into my care.  Any thoughts?

Black Thumb


Dear Miss Thumb

Great moniker.  If I ever take my acoustic show on the road I think I want my stage name to be Black Thumb.  A super cool name might help distract the audience from my crappy guitar playing.

Where was I…oh yes.  Your problem.

I am in the camp of people who believe that we are all born with gifts.  Some of us are born with many while others are born with just a few, but no one on this planet is without talent.  A good barometer for measuring your aptitude for what might be a gift is how you feel when you are using it. I think the things that are meant for us bring us joy, and the things that are not bring us frustration.  If your attempts at horticulture are bringing you joy, even though you are killing poor defenseless vegetation, I say keep at it and you will eventually find your flow. It’s more than alright to be bad at something you love doing.  It’s quite charming actually.

But.  If sowing these seeds is stirring up anger and annoyance, then I suggest you stop toiling, buy some potted plants, and call it a day.  That way you can cultivate that energy in a more fruitful manner.


2 thoughts on “I keep killing my plants. Should I give up?

  1. Mary J gallagher March 8, 2018 — 6:24 pm

    You brought up a good point. Even though you are a crappy guitar player, what if you did book yourself as “Black Thumb” at a club. If that brings you joy, go for it and advertise on your site. I will be there!

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  2. Aileen McAnally March 10, 2018 — 8:15 am

    Taking this advice and applying it to why I never, ever cook dinner: brings me only “anger and annoyance”

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