Do I flush a tampon down the toilet?

The great debate

Dear Funny Problems,

For years I have been flushing tampons down the toilet. However, one boozy night with some girlfriends we somehow got on the topic and a passionate debate ensued… half of us have always flushed and the other half were appalled by the idea of it. To flush or not to flush.. please answer this age old question!

Always Unsure


Dear Miss Unsure

Thank you for submitting your query.   When I decided to write this column I took an oath to answer all of my readers questions.  Even the ones about tampons.  And this is a debate I have witnessed myself, and “passionate” only begins to describe how some women feel about this.  Research on the topic is kind of a mixed bag.  I am mostly reading other women’s appalled response to NOT flushing.  Which is silly really, I think we can all agree that flushing is the fastest and cleanest way to dispose of a tampon.  But is it the best thing for your plumbing?  

We can’t ignore the facts.  There is a lot of information stating that over time tampons can greatly damage your home’s plumbing and leave you in an even messier situation.  It becomes a game of Russian roulette.  When is this potential clogged toilet, water overflow going to happen?   So like any good pretend internet doctor I will leave you with some questions.  Is it worth the risk?  

The risk that you could be damaging your home’s plumbing.  What will make you more uncomfortable?  Putting your tampon in the trash at a restaurant OR telling the woman who is next in line, “Don’t go in there.”  What’s messier, disposing of a tampon in the garbage OR explaining to your new friend that you clogged her toilet and you need to borrow their plunger?  How are you going to feel when you are at a party and have to inform your host that their toilet is overflowing?  

You tell me.


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