Is it annoying to send my friends cat videos?

C is for cat.  A is for annoying.


Dear FP,

I have never had a pet before in my life.  After a long time battling it out with my daughter I conceded and we rescued a cat from a local shelter.  PS – I have always hated cats. I never understood the “point” in owning one. It’s been 3 months now and I have to tell you…I’m OBSESSED with this little fur ball.  So much so that I can’t help but send my friends videos of my new furry friend. My problem is that I know that these videos are starting to annoy my friends. They have told me that they hate receiving them.   But I just love this cat so much that I want my friends to love her too. Am I weird?


Cat Woman


Dear Cat Woman,

Hmmmm.  Are. You. Weird?  Tricky tricky. That really depends on who you’re talking to.  To all of the other cat lovers out there, no, you’re not weird at all.  I’m fairly certain there are like a million websites and social media groups filled to the gills with feline enthusiasts such as yourself.  I think the real question worth exploring is, why are you sending cat videos to people that you know do not enjoy them?

We all play the leading role in our own life.  And because of this, we find our lives pretty interesting.  That’s a good thing, we should all be proud of ourselves. That said, not everyone is going to find everything about us or our interests as fascinating as we do.  And that is OK. You and your cat don’t need to win anyone over. People are either into cat videos or they’re not. My suggestion is that you cease from forcing your passions on people.  The more force you apply the more force you will be repelled with. You love your cat and enjoy these videos and you don’t need anyone to approve or validate that. If you’re looking for a community to accept this about you then I encourage you to seek out the forums where a love of cats is embraced.  There is a place for everyone Cat Woman. And if you’re not feeling the love, then you are simply not looking in the right spot.


1 thought on “Is it annoying to send my friends cat videos?

  1. All people should receive daily cat videos


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