Can I take a job working for my ex boyfriend?

Don’t stand so close to me


Dear Funny Problems,

I am seriously considering taking a job where my immediate boss will be an old friend of mine…that I had a huge crush on and dated briefly 20 years ago. Am I crazy to take this job?

Job Searcher


Dear Miss Searcher,


Is it hot in here?  No, you’re not crazy to take this job and I assume you would only be doing so because it is a good opportunity. You are the captain of your ship and you owe it to yourself to pursue the best course.

My only concern for you is whether or not you are going to feel comfortable working in such close quarters with someone you used to work in such close quarters with.  How you feel dictates how you think and act (and work) and if you’re feeling anything less than professional around your new boss/ex-boyfriend/old friend…well that would be no bueno.  Be prepared that the relationship can (and should) change due to your new work status and consider how it will feel to be treated more like an employee and less like a friend by this person.  If after weighing the pros and cons you believe in your heart that this is where you need to work then trust that answer. If at any time this working arrangement feels off, then you should trust that too.  Let your instincts guide you, they will always be right. Every. Single. Time.

Now snap to it.  Mr. Grey is expecting you.


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