How do I get rid of a negative thought?

                                                      The syping game

Dear Funny Problems,

I’m starting to have a recurring fear that I will use my work computer for basic internet things, unwittingly conspire with Russians, and then suddenly one day get summoned to HR and fired for my unintentional espionage. How rational is this fear and is there anything I can do to prevent it?



Dear Boris

I am not a head doctor, body doctor or one of those doctors that’s really just a teacher.  But I do write a blog, and I can assure you that this fear is only rational if you continue to focus on it.  Our subconscious minds are quite powerful and although you consciously know that you are not a spy, if you continue to put energy towards this thought your subconscious will continue to be paranoid about it. A good way to alleviate a fear or unwanted thought is by replacing it with another more positive thought.  Not only will you attract more positivity into your life but you will also quiet down the fear-based thinking. Some people wrap a string around their wrist to remind themselves of things. I’m a big fan of this practice and I personally wear certain bracelets that are symbolic of things I need to stay mindful of. My suggestion to you is to carry or wear something symbolic that will remind you of who you are, not who you are not.  Every time you look at this item please think the words: I AM ______. You can decide what word(s) follow ‘I AM,’ just make sure they are powerful and positive. These words are what you aspire to be and in time you will see that you have been them all along.

PS – Someone named Natasha just called for you and said, “The crow flies at midnight.”  She said you’d understand what that meant.


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