I have crazy sneezes. What should I do?



Dear Funny Problems,

Okay, so my problem is that I have huge, explosive loud sneezes. They happen at home, on the train, at work, at dinner etc. I have no warning, they just come over me like a wave. Some people are scared, concerned, weirded out. I never know what to say. Thoughts?

Kathy Kathleen


Dear Kathy Kathleen

I like your problem very much.  And if I had a friend who had big crazy sneezes I would never let them go.  We’re all gifted with a handful of lovely idiosyncrasies, they’re what make people interesting.  It’s been my experience that others will accept them as much as you accept them. My advice? Lean in to those wild explosions.  It sounds like you can’t control them, prevent them, or even anticipate them so why not have a little fun with them?

Funny things you can say after one of those bad boys escapes:

“Did someone just sneeze?”

“Where am I?”

“Show’s over.”

Or one of my all-time faves, “I am not an animal.”


Just be your sneezy self and the world (and train passengers) will adjust.

Bless you


2 thoughts on “I have crazy sneezes. What should I do?

  1. Thank you FP … you are the Fairy Princess of Funny Problems 🙂


    1. Dear KathyKathleen:

      I think you are in need of many blessings and you are receiving them in abundance from those around you when you sneeze. The custom started during the time of the Bubonic Plague when the Pope advised that anyone who sneezed should receive a blessing in case they were coming down with the illness. Thank goodness we are beyond that but who doesn’t need to hear a blessing coming their way. In fact, I suggest we don’t wait for someone to sneeze. Let’s start a movement to bless anyone around us not just those holding a kleenex. Perhaps this will cure your sneezing but if not, you will be passing on more than germs. Bless you, Dear KathyKathleen, today and for days to come.


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