If I find money on the ground can I keep it?


Mo Money Mo Problems 

Dear Funny Problems,

A few weeks ago, while walking through an indoor tennis arena, I found $10 on the ground. I turned it into the front desk, but I knew in my gut that the kid at the desk was gonna most likely grab himself a frappucino with it later. Today, I found $20 right on the floor of the grocery store. Again, I turned it into customer service but REALLY wanted to just pocket it for myself because finders keepers, right? Having done “the right thing” twice now, can I safely pocket the cash the next time I happen upon it? While I fear karma, I’m also wondering if the universe WANTS me to have that extra money? Please advise.

Dough Ray Me


Dear Dough,

Incredible problem to have, and if you ask me it’s a fantastic omen for more good to come your way.   Karma is impartial.  It is simply a reflection of whatever actions/intentions you are putting out there.  When you put out good, good comes back to you. When you put out bad, bad comes back to you.  Your intuition compelled you to return the money both times. Smart move. Whether or not those who you returned it to spent it on themselves is not your concern. You only have control over yourself.  If you find money again continue to trust your intuition. If the universe wants you to keep it there won’t be a doubt in your mind. I believe that everything comes back full circle and instead of feeling like you’ve missed out on these financial gains you should be excited that you’re banking all these good vibes.  You’re worth a lot more than a $30 payout.

PS. Where are these tennis courts and grocery stores you’ve been hanging out at?  Mama needs a new pair of shoes.


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